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My Thoughts on Fatherhood: Andrew Hauschka, DDS

My Thoughts on Fatherhood: Andrew Hauschka, DDS
June 8, 2015 BrightFlow Technologies

As a family-owned company, our culture cherishes that which is most important in life, our families. Dr. John Walsh founded Dentistry of the Carolinas in 1992 and since that time five of his children and in-laws have come to work for him. In celebration of Father’s Day, we asked a few of our doctors to share their thoughts on fatherhood.

Left to right: Cole, Elsa and HenryWe also asked the family of Dr. Walsh to share their experiences in working day in and day out for their father. Dr. Walsh’s tribute will be posted soon. In the meantime, our first anecdote comes from Andrew Hauschka, DDS. Dr. Hauschka, a father of three young children, works primarily in our Myers Park office. His clinical interests are in Esthetic Restorative Dentistry, Sports Dentistry and Appliance Fabrication and Dental Surgery.

What it means to me to be a dad is to teach my kids to see, experience and learn from the world around them. I hope to be able to encourage them to take advantage of different opportunities available to them, whether it’s academically, socially or athletically. I also feel like fatherhood is a chance to raise kids who will help make a difference in their world in the future.

As for most fun moments, there are always the wonderful moments of first steps, first words and the like. What I love the most is traveling with my kids. I love to watch how they experience new things for the first time and to see the connections they make between new experiences and familiar ones. I also love our frequent family dance parties!