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My Thoughts on Fatherhood: Clark Hammock, DMD

My Thoughts on Fatherhood: Clark Hammock, DMD
June 11, 2015 BrightFlow Technologies
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As a family-owned company, our culture cherishes that which is most important in life, our families. Dr. John Walsh founded Dentistry of the Carolinas in 1992 and since that time five of his children and in-laws have come to work for him. In celebration of Father’s Day, we asked a few of our doctors to share their thoughts on fatherhood.

Clark with kids on swingWe also asked the family of Dr. Walsh to share their experiences in working day in and day out for their father. Dr. Walsh’s tribute will be posted soon. If you haven’t already, check out the posts from Drs. Hauschka and Schuyler.

Clark Hammock, DMD, a father of four children under age 4 (!), is the executive vice president for Dentistry of the Carolinas and also practices in our Myers Park and University offices. He is married to Tyler Walsh Hammock, chief operating officer of DOC, and middle daughter of DOC founder, John Walsh. His clinical interests include Dental Surgery, Oral Medicine, Sports Dentistry, Periodontal/Tissue Management, Laser Surgery and Esthetic Restorative Dentistry.

What is one of your most fun moments being a father?
I’m a father of 4, so outside of the births of the kids it’s an awesome moment to come home from work each day to a swarm of attention, whether that is shown in the form of “hey daddy”, a big hug or in some cases a punch to the gut (if my son is practicing his super-hero moves).