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A Word from a Thankful Hygienist

A Word from a Thankful Hygienist
November 22, 2015 Jennifer Krupa

turkey tooth

This now being November, I am reminded that there is so much I have to be thankful for.

Having worked in the dental field for all of my years of employment, it has become a routine to wake up, prepare myself for the day and begin taking care of patients.

As a Dental Hygienist for more than two decades, I realize that taking care of people who then become a part of my life is more than just a job, it is a gift.

When a person takes the initiative to cross the threshold into the office to allow the dentist, myself and an entire dental team the opportunity to take care of them I feel grateful!

I realize that going to see the dentist for most of us is worse than child birth or an annual physical.
Sounds like a simple task, go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned!

However, it is far more in depth. When a person becomes a patient, it means they have entrusted that we as practitioners know our field and want to provide the best care possible. Yet we are strangers and we ask for them to open wide, sit still and allow us to reach into the oral cavity in which so many nerves innervate. Now wonder so many people choose to intentionally forget those dental visits. Who can really blame someone for this simple form of dodging distress?

Each day when I cross the threshold into the office and, on the hour, seat the first patient of the day, I am Thankful. Thankful to each of you that allow us to provide care to you and treat your dental health needs.

To all DOC patients out there, I can say not just for myself but on behalf of all of DOC, we are thankful to you for crossing the threshold into the dental office and affording us the opportunity to provide you the care that keeps you smiling!

A Thankful Hygienist,