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Team Spotlight: Louise Causey, Dental Assistant

Team Spotlight: Louise Causey, Dental Assistant
December 22, 2015 Jennifer Krupa
Louise today cropped

Louise Causey, Dental Assistant December 2015

Team Spotlight: Louise Causey, Dental Assistant, DOC – East Charlotte

Quarterly, we’ll shine the spotlight on a DOC employee. We’ll ask why they got into dentistry as well as other fun questions that will allow our patients to get to know their dental care team better.

Why did you become a dental assistant? When did you choose to come to work for DOC and why?
I had just moved to Charlotte and was looking for a job in the paper. I met with Dr. Johnson of Affordable Dentures and was hired. I started working on the office side, then moved to office manager and did this for seven years. I then got my certification and assisted for three years. Dr. Walsh [owner of Dentistry of the Carolinas] would stop in periodically to see Dr. Johnson. Dr. Walsh would always chat with me and say things like, ‘I hear what a good worker you are.’ He was always teasing and carrying on. Soon Dr. Walsh began bugging me to work for him. Eventually Dr. Walsh won me over and I officially started working with him on December 9, 1995.

I’ve worked at the following offices Dr. Walsh has owned: the first Albemarle Rd. location, Lexington, Statesville, Gastonia, Holbrooke Dr. (in East Charlotte) and am currently at the second Albemarle Rd office. When I began working for Dr. Walsh, there were six total employees. I’m the only one still around.

When I first started working with Dr. Walsh, the first months were tough. We worked long hours because Dr. Walsh believed in getting every patient the treatment they needed. Regular office hours were 8:00AM to 6:00PM but frequently we’d work until 8:00PM mostly doing crowns and bridges. But it was worth it because Dr. Walsh always compensated over the top. He was very good to us.

Favorite part of working in dentistry?

Louise 1993

Louise Causey, circa 1994

I really enjoy the patients. Especially when they appreciate what you do for them.

Funniest (or most memorable) DOC story?
There used to be a picture of Dr. Walsh wearing a red wig. To me he looked like Garfield [the cartoon cat]. Every time I think of that picture, I laugh. [Louise shared a very funny story but to hear that one, you’ll have to ask her yourself.]

Which super power would you like to have (and why)?
I would like to “see through the clouds.” [She’d like to see people in Heaven]

Where would you go in a time machine (and why)?
I’d go back and be with my mom. For everything in my life, my mom was there. I never asked my mom anything that she didn’t do for me.

Other than food and water, what are 2-3 items you’d want on a deserted island?
Someone with me so I wouldn’t be alone. There are times in life when you want to be alone, but not forever!

What is the most rewarding part of being a parent?
Seeing your children’s accomplishments. It was especially rewarding to see my daughter Jan become a dental hygienist. [Jan also works at our East Charlotte office on Albemarle Road.]

Who’s the celebrity that would give your husband some competition?
Elvis Presley. In my day, he was something. My sister and I have seen all of his movies.

Cats or dogs? Both but I can’t have cats because of my husband’s allergies. When I move to our farm after I retire, I’ll have lots of outside cats. I also have two dogs.

Singing or dancing? Dancing and when I retire I plan on taking piano lessons

Winter or summer? Winter. I don’t like the hot weather

Cake or ice cream? Ice cream

Fruit or veggies? Veggies

Pick only one adjective that you want everyone to feel when they think of you.
Loyal. I try to be as fair as possible. If my name’s on it, I’m going to do the best that I can.

Happy Anniversary Louise. Today is 20 years that Louise has been with Dentistry of the Carolinas! Thanks for your dedication to DOC and our patients.

Want to meet Louise? You better hurry because she plans on retiring in January 2016. To schedule an appointment in our East Charlotte office, call 704.537.1990 to schedule an appointment.