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Dr. Campbell’s American Board of Orthodontics Feature

Board Certification Enhances Dr. Terrence Campbell’s Personalized Approach to Patient Care

Originally featured under News and Publications on the American Board of Orthodontics website. 

For Dr. Terrence Campbell, orthodontics is about more than just pretty smiles. It is about treating the whole patient and being responsive to their backgrounds and cultures.

Indeed, before Dr. Campbell pursued dental school and orthodontic training, he obtained a master’s degree in sociology. That training gives him a perspective to appreciate the uniqueness that each patient brings—important considering the diverse patient population he treats. Dr. Campbell practices in Gastonia and Monroe, N.C., both just outside of Charlotte. He attained certification from The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) in early 2021.

“At our office, we see patients from all walks of life, demographics and income levels. They represent various cultures and ethnicities and speak a variety of languages,” Dr. Campbell said.

“Importantly, we work to understand the patient and take the time to treat the whole patient, not just their malocclusion,” he continued. “We create an atmosphere where everyone feels understood and welcomed.”

Part of Dr. Campbell’s mission is to serve underserved populations, including accepting Medicaid patients. He explained: “This allows me to provide orthodontic treatment for patients who otherwise would not be able to receive treatment. Some patients have not seen a general dentist and self-refer for orthodontics. In those cases, we connect them with a general dentist and emphasize the importance of regular dental care.”

A native of Raleigh, N.C., Dr. Campbell obtained his bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, then earned his master’s in sociology from North Carolina Central University. His master’s thesis was on the impact of dental appearance on self-esteem.

“My research showed that when patients develop more pride in their smiles, such as through orthodontic treatment, they have a better self-image and a higher likelihood to follow proper dental health practices,” Dr. Campbell said.

In preparation for dental school, he completed a master’s in medical science from Hampton University. He graduated with honors from the East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine and obtained his M.S. in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics from Nova Southeastern University, where he was chief resident.

He joined Prettyman Orthodontics in early 2020. He staffs the Gastonia and Monroe orthodontic offices, practicing 2-3 days a week at each location.

From the time he decided to become an orthodontist, Dr. Campbell knew he wanted to gain board certification.

“My orthodontic mentor Dr. L’Tanya Bailey definitely served as an influence to become board certified, as she has been board certified for some time. My professors in residency, Drs. Malcolm Meister, Shiva
Khatami, Jorge Coro and Chin-Yu Lin, are also board certified and served as a great influence, along with our other professors and my resident mentor, Dr. Mike Wiernicki,” Dr. Campbell explained.

With this encouragement, he sat for and passed the ABO Written Exam while in residency in 2019, then successfully completed the Scenario-Based Exam in November 2020.

For Dr. Campbell, the benefit of certification is, “knowing that you have taken the extra steps to ensure that you are providing the best care for your patients. It demonstrates an up-to-date and complete knowledge of orthodontics, and it helps you stay abreast of the current literature and developments in orthodontics.”

Dr. Campbell was among the first group of orthodontists to take the Scenario-Based Clinical Examination at Scantron Testing Centers, allowing the exam to continue to be held in a COVID-safe manner.

“It was very different from what I was initially preparing for pre-COVID-19,” he described. “Instead of an in-person conversation about my diagnoses and treatment plans, the Scantron approach to the exam required a written conversation that proved to be equally as challenging. I knew that my answers would be read, analyzed and left open to interpretation rather than the typical format of a standardized written exam.”

He praised the ABO for keeping him informed about the change in format as the Scantron plan unfolded. The study materials from the ABO gave him a standard for preparing for the format of the exam as well as sample cases to review.

His advice to other orthodontists: “Take the exam! It is what you do every day in your practice, and you are more prepared than you think. It will allow you to refocus your thoughts and approaches in orthodontics and allow you the satisfaction of knowing that you are treating your patients to a standard of care.”

If you’d like to meet Dr. Terrence Campbell to become a patient, please contact us today at the Monroe office 704-247-9120.

We look forward to meeting you soon and to giving you lots of reasons to smile.