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Originally from Danco, Moldova in Eastern Europe, Daniyela, better known as Dani, moved to Charlotte in 2006. She is a graduate of NC Dental University for dental assisting. Per Dani, the most rewarding aspect of her job is, “Seeing a patient’s smile at the end of his or her treatment.”

Dani speaks three languages, loves learning new things and mastering them. Her desired super power would be “shapeshifting” so she could turn into whomever she wanted whenever she desired. Her hobbies include puzzles, kayaking and cooking. You can meet Dani at the SouthPark office where she works with Dr. Prettyman and his team.

Dani’s Favorites:

Season: Fall
Car: Alfa Romeo Giulia
Place on Earth: Any beach
Pizza Topping: Mushrooms and onions
Game Show:
Family Feud