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Comprehensive Treatment

Our goal is to correct any bite problems and restore your bite to give you a beautiful smile, while helping create a healthier you! Depending on your needs and the nature of your bite problem, orthodontic treatment can achieve a variety of goals. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment addresses all aspects of bite problems including the alignment of teeth and jaws and usually lasts one to two years depending on the severity of problems being corrected.

This treatment is typically undertaken in adolescents following eruption of all permanent teeth; however, comprehensive orthodontic treatment in adults is becoming much more common for individuals who did not have the opportunity when younger. Comprehensive treatment can be accomplished using traditional braces and Invisalign. Certain cases and treatment problems are better corrected using one over the other, and this will be determined during your initial consultation. Many other orthodontic appliances may also be necessary during treatment including Expanders, Class II correctors (common types include: Forsus appliance, Herbst) and TADs (temporary anchorage devices) which are “miniscrews” that can be used as anchors to assist specific movements of teeth.

Comprehensive treatment may also be coordinated with other dental care such as periodontal care, restorative dental care and oral surgery to help create a proper bite and beautiful smile to last a lifetime.

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