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Adult Braces

It’s Never Too Late

Did you know that one out of every five people with braces is over the age of 21? While often used to correct dental issues during childhood, it’s really never too late to use braces to straighten teeth, correct jaw problems and create a beautiful smile. Along with the renewed sense of self-confidence that comes with a beautiful smile, adult braces can help correct myriad health problems that become more prominent as we age.

Advances In Treatment Options

There have been significant advancements since the days of the metal “train tracks” braces you may remember as a child. These days, adults also have the advantage of choosing from an array of unobtrusive options, including: Invisalign, as well as clear braces and ceramic braces.

We are committed to creating beautiful and healthy smiles with a treatment plan that best meet your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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