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Emergency Prevention

Braces are generally very safe, but occasionally emergencies arise. We try hard to be available to assist you if there is a problem. We have listed some common problems and some possible ways to improve them. It is imperative that you let us know if you have a problem so that we can plan accordingly. Otherwise injury can result or treatment could be delayed. You can PREVENT problems by avoiding hard and sticky foods.

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When teeth move, they can become sore. This is normal and it usually lasts several days. Each person will have a different degree of soreness. We recommend that our patients take whatever they normally take for a headache. If the pain becomes severe or lasts for more than a few days, please let us know.

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Poking Wire/Bracket

We have provided you with wax just for this sort of problem. Attempt to dry the area first and then place wax on the irritating area. Other options are to pack the area with a piece of moist cotton or use sugar-free gum to stick over the irritating area. These ideas can help you adjust to an area or it may be a temporary solution until you are able to see us for a more permanent correction. If you are unable to see us, you may be able to cut the wire with fingernail cutters or bend it with a small object that is not sharp. But be careful, do not cause any more damage or pain.

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Ulcers can arise anytime but they are especially prevalent during times of stress. Braces can make ulcers even more uncomfortable. First, try applying wax to the area. If the problem persists, please contact us and we will recommend other solutions. Over the counter medication for ulcers is helpful, but only when applied as the ulcer is forming.

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Broken Bracket/Loose Band

Good news – if this is not causing discomfort, this is not an emergency. Please call us anyway so we can fix your appliances and properly schedule your next appointment. If you are experiencing discomfort and cannot come see us, attempt to remove the bracket by cutting the small rubber band that is holding the bracket to the wire (with fingernail cutters.) Remember, you need to call so we can prepare for your next appointment.